Frequently Asked Questions

Are your bands safe to have in the rough conditions of a kitchen?
Yes! Our bands are 100 percent food-grade silicone and can last for years in the tough conditions of a kitchen.

What should I do if I want a band and can’t find it?
If you are unable to find your desired band you have two options. First, you could customize your band through the “Customize your Band” tab. With this you will have to reach our minimum order of 100 bands. If you do not wish to order that many of your desired band you can leave a suggestion under the suggestions tab, we look at these and if we find common suggestions we add that band to our stock. When the band is added you will be sent an email notifying you of the addition!

Will the writing on the band fade overtime?
Due to the fact that the printing on the band is also a 100 percent food grade silicone, it will not fade overtime. These have been tested up to 7 years in a kitchen with very little change in the overall appearance.

How can I clean my bands?
See the band maintenance tab.

Can I have pictures or logos on my band?
Yes! If you are customizing your band we encourage you to make the band you desire! And if that means you want to add a picture to help your identifier we are able to do this for you. There is a slight price increase for the addition of pictures to the band but it is available for custom orders.

Can I change the Font?
Yes. If you decide to customize your band you do not need to use our original font. This is only for custom orders that reach our minimum (100).

How do I know if the band fits?
We provide you a measuring device under the band measurement tab. If you aren’t sure about the size of your bottle or just want to be safe you can print this measuring device out and use it on your bottle to ensure you are choosing the right sizes. We also provide sizes that typically are used for each size band.

Do you provide bands without any words on them?
We do provide blank bands with no writing on them as well. We carry a variety in stock, but minimum orders for blank bands are 50 for colors we do not already carry.