• Best Bottle/ Container Identifier in the Industry! 
  • 100% Food Grade Silicone!​
  • Smart and Highly effective 360° visual design!
  • Color coding provides additional visual identifier!
  • Extremely Durable! Eco- Friendly
  • Provides additional grip to your bottles!
  • Reduces Miss-pours of products!
  • Great Training Tool
  • Unlike stickers or tags—they will not fall off into food!
  • Department of Health Approved!
  • Provides a Professional appearance!

Our silicone squeeze bottle label band fit all 16, 20, and 24 oz. standard & wide mouth bottles of all BRANDS are designed to help you quickly identify the contents of your squeeze bottles. Printing is very clear to communicate to your kitchen staff what condiment or ingredient is inside. This band is constructed of flexible, durable silicone that stretches easily over the squeeze bottle or dredge, adding additional grip while adding additional grip and withstanding a commercial environment. Use it in your prep area to ensure you're always using the proper ingredients for your signature dishes.

This label is easily washable, so spills or drips aren't a problem. Plus, it offers a more sanitary alternative to fragile paper labels or other labels that can disintegrate and contaminate food. By adding these convenient identification labels to your workflow, you'll save time searching for the right ingredients, reduce errors, and keep customers happy.


Dredge Shaker Bands

Complete your kitchen’s collection of culinary labels with bands for your dredge shakers. Our silicone bands allow you to accurately label products without the need to use unprofessional strips of tape—which run the risk of falling into beverages or food. Used by cooks and patrons, these bands help ensure your restaurant doesn’t fall victim to mixed-up goods. Drudge shaker bands help signify to kitchen staff or guests which container holds certain spices, herbs, or mixes. You can also add spiciness and allergen warnings on products. Whichever way you choose to use our eco-friendly kitchen canister labels, they will always provide reassurance and clarity to your staff and guests. Shop culinary dredge bands to label your seasonings, dry toppings, and other condiments.

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