Silicone Squeeze Bottle Labels

Growing tired of dirty and unprofessional ways to label your food products? At Culinary ID Bands, we came up with a snazzy alternative labeling product that will last for years. Use our silicone squeeze bottle labels to help distinguish between similar looking products and keep things sanitary. Unlike pesky stickers or tags, our ID labels don’t run the same risk of falling and contaminating food. In addition to squeeze bottle ID rings for food products, we have special ID rings for sanitation and cleaning bottles. Clarifying between multi-purpose cleaners, sanitizers, or other chemical cleaners prevents mix-ups and will help promote proper sanitation procedures among your staff. You can find all our current eco-friendly silicone squeeze bottle labels on display below. If you have any questions, or if you want to learn more about custom silicone name bands for bottles or other containers, let us know.

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