Fully Customizable Silicone Solutions


Who is Culinary ID Bands?

Culinary ID Bands is on the cutting edge of foodservice innovations. When it comes to food safety, we can all agree that labeling and dating your ingredients is a necessity. Squeeze bottles, dredge shakers, and spray bottles are some of the most commonly used items in foodservice. In our opinion, it will be a requirement to have all of these items labeled and dated in commercial kitchens. By labeling and dating items, you dramatically reduce the chance of someone getting ingredients they are allergic to or out of date food items.

Custom Color Combinations

Culinary ID Bands is the only company offering SGS tested fully customized bands for the foodservice industry. We are able to do any color on the PMS chart, and any style of font. We have produced hundreds of custom varieties of bands to restaurants, Universities, Hospitals and much more! Our team picks specific colors that correspond to each band. If the customer has a preference, we use whatever you would like!

Logos, Branding and descriptors

With our revolutionary technology, any logo or QR code can be printed on the band or inside of the band. QR codes can be used to link to your website, or for recipes. For example, the employees would scan the code on the band then it takes them to the exact recipe for that sauce.

Some restaurants have sauce bottles out on the tables for their customers to use. Having a band label on the bottles gives the customer a clear understanding of which is which. Using logos on the bands will separate your branding from the competition, giving you that extra wow-factor. Also, our clients have used descriptors on the labels such as “Spicy and Robust” or “Tangy and Sweet“. This gives new customers an idea about what type of flavor to expect! With professional, clean labels you give your brand a more premium look and feel.

Labels to fit on ANYTHING in your kitchen or bar!

With our team of expert engineers, we custom design any solution you may need. We have silicone labels for Store N Pour bottles, spigot handles, PHU pans and regular plastic and metal pans. We have designed bands to fit portion scooper handles, sanitizer buckets, Cambro buckets, and much more! Any brand, size or shape, we have the label for you. Our silicone has been ECOLAB tested for durability. If you are in need of something on our website, or that is not on our website, email us and we would love to work with you.

Culinary ID Bands is dedicated to providing top notch service, while bringing the industry innovative food safety solutions!

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