About Us

When you spend your whole life in any industry, you tend to notice things that can be done more efficiently, and ways to improve processes. Well for me the industry was the restaurant industry, which I have been in now for 40 years.

Going from restaurant to restaurant over that many years you tend to notice common issues shared by all. One that always stuck out to me was the way in which companies would label their products. I would go into kitchens of some of the nicest most high-end restaurants, and look at the seasoning, oils, juices, and sauces, and see that most of them were either unlabeled, or if they were, it was with dirty electric, duct or masking tape that provides a perfect environment or germs and bacteria.

Shocked that this barbaric practice was even legal, I did extensive research on what was out there in the market, and surprisingly, there was nothing. The best I could find were costly stickers. They had many of the same issues as tape, and usually would wear off or get dirty almost immediately, not to mention you must replace them constantly.

The first product launched in 2007 but was changed many times over the years to bring you what you see today. We now have an SGS tested and approved, 100 percent food grade silicone band that will last for years with no damage or wear and tear. This product stands up to the harsh conditions of the kitchen and has been proven over years of testing in restaurants.