Why Using Silicone Labels is Important


Whatever we do, hygiene is of the essence. We have to ensure that we are as free as possible from harmful microbes lingering around, especially in the foodservice industry, hospitals, school cafes, etc.

To ensure this, some activities should be taken especially seriously. Activities in the kitchen fall into this category. Here, we are not just talking about frequently washing your hands even though that is equally important. Labeling all of the squeeze bottles, dredges, pans etc. in your kitchen can help eliminate cross contamination and “miss pours”. In this article we will discuss why Silicone Labels from Culinary ID Bands are a crucial item to have in the food industry.

Much more than that, you have to take into account how items are stored and identified. The items used for easy recognition of your ketchup bottle, marinara, pizza sauce, and other items, have to be easy to clean, convenient for use, and long-lasting.

On this note, we will be discussing using silicone bottle labels. This is so that you can easily tell the difference between your ingredients that look similar. But first, let us see why silicone squeeze bottles are popular among people.

Just in case you are not aware, using a squeeze bottles is one of the best ways to store and easily use ingredients such as pizza sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce and the likes.

Also, it is a popular option for hospitals, schools, universities and many other foodservice operations.

Eco-Friendly Option

Generally, we live in a world faced with the ordeal of global warming. As a result, we must reduce the use of items that are not eco-friendly.

Aside from that, the kitchen is a very sensitive area. You cannot afford to use labels made with toxic chemicals as this can be injurious to you.

Easy to Use

Attaching the label is very easy and straightforward. It is not time-consuming as you can quickly attach and get on with other things.


This is one edge it has over many other options. It can withstand moisture of any kind.

Can be Cleaned in the Dishwasher

Culinary ID Bands Products have went through an ECOLAB test of 1,000 cycles of washes with chemicals. It was found that our bands had NO FADING, NO damage or discoloration whatsoever! Very durable, lasts for 5+ years typically.

You Can Write on it

You can boldly write the name of the item you need to identify. The labels are large enough to have something boldly written on them.


All things being equal, these products are built to last a very long while. So, you do not have to bother about replacing them any time soon.

Has Good Grip

The labels are designed to firmly adhere to the bottles or dredge shakers. They are designed to stay in place until the band needs to be removed and cleaned.

Comes in Various Sizes

Bottles come in various sizes and so do the labels. For every size of the squeeze bottle that you need to identify, there is a label that can be fits properly. We also can do custom sizes!


The labels are appealing to look at so for those particular about aesthetics, you have nothing to worry about. You can even embellish your lettering as much as you want. This is in addition to the beautiful surrounding color around the label’s diameter.

If you want to enjoy all these benefits, then go ahead and purchase a good label here: Silicone Squeeze Bottle Labels Archives – Culinary ID Bands


In conclusion, identifying items stored in squeeze bottles or dredges will be a lot easier and fanciful with the labels discussed in this article. For this reason, we recommend that you use them if you have not.

Note that they are affordable and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective option!