Silicone Solutions

for the Foodservice Industry

The Eco-Friendly answer to labeling. With millions sold worldwide!

FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone

Culinary ID Bands is a leading company offering  SGS-tested and approved,100 percent food-grade silicone bands and restaurant utilities for over 10 years to restaurants worldwide. Our products come in multiple sizes and last for years without damage or wear and tear.


Enhancing Efficiency

Culinary ID Bands sells a wide variety of silicone items to restaurants that allow efficiency and improve the process. Our bands come in a large array of sizes to fit all bottle sizes, dredge sizes, and almost anything you need to be labeled in your restaurant.

Custom Orders

With thousands of bands in stock, we almost surely have the band for you. If you wish to choose your label, we also offer custom orders. Our products stand up to the harsh conditions of the kitchen and have been proven over years of testing in restaurants. Plus, we promise great attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

Don't miss out on our great deals. Connect with us for silicone labels and other restaurant utilities-related requirements.